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isn't it ironic


isn't it just great when you stay up till 4am to make sure all your homework is done b/c you really want to be prepared for this class, since it's a tutorial and you know you are going to have to talk a lot, even though you have no idea what is going on, AND you have even woke up on time to drive to school and search around the building where this alleged class is to be held only to be left feeling empty and alone inside as you cannot find it....

i hate you world....i really do

in other news i am totally set with my liberal arts requirements!!!

well....i have like one left....

hahaha....what is really funny about the whole not finding this class is that i have to talk with the instructor anyway today during her office hours about a theater tutorial....this is going to be fun!

and one last question: why are the first years not ripe yet?

and i just realized that the class under me are all wonder they seem so ambitious...

Sammyboi the Rat
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Goddamn I miss New Collee,

Eugenia the the way..I should get off my lazy depressed ass and call you....still I love you, miss you, i've just been to fucking depressed to talk
lauren, my friend whoi visited with is there!

which means frequent visits

i might even kidnap jackie and bring her