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wow, i suck


about two days ago i learned there was going to be a hurricane
this morning i found out about Bonnie

wow...i need to pay more attention to the world around me

i am trying to figure if the mall will be closed on Saturday...

but as of right now....seeing how the eye will pass near Sarasota, i will be driving up to Daytona tonight....but if i still have to work at that damn mall....sigh

i am sure everyone will be flocking to the mall that floods so bad cars float in just bad storms...not hurricanes mind you, just really bad storms....hmm...i wonder if it will flood then

but this also means the Reiki fast if off as if i go home there will be no Reiki class tomorrow...poor roommates, i am sure they will survive....but now i drink nice

Sammyboi the Working-Tonight-Like-the-Bitch-He-Is
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I miss Reiki lesson. ::sniffle::

Be safe Sam!
Hi Sam. I have been in Sarasota for over a week now, yet I haven't seen you yet and have only seen Shauna once. I'm so sad...:( I hope you don't have to work too much. Hugs!!!
I jus read your profile after surfin thru other pplz lj's and you sound like a really kool guy, Sammy. Specially like the Bio....

And Im moving back to Daytona in like a week and its gonna be hurricane season until October which totally sux, seeing how they are only on the C's in naming hurricanes.