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Nine Worlds I Saw

and this was but one

20 October
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Hey people. It's just little ol' me Sam. First and formost, THANKS JAX. Okay, now I'm done. Well, I'm a 19 yr old student at New College Florida looking for love and long walks on the beach with the sunset after a wonderful day of talking about the post-modern pitfalls of life and how we try and heal them with parashamanistic rituals that we pay lots of our money on instead of giving it to charity, while focusing on the coginitive dissonce that it has created and place the blame on our parents who abused us as children, which in turn has left us codependent forevermore...

and then have hot gay sex!

i'm a simple man...really i am :)

Marriage is love.

I adopted a cute lil' emo fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!

my pet!