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life is good

so yeah.

after having lunch (which was by breakfast) with Stephan I speed down to NCF thinking for some unknown reason i had class at 2:30....which i do not. it is at 3:30

someone hit me...i need it

but yeah. I now have a futon grace a Huston, to whom i will now bequeath my first born baby, but not to keep as i am sure he wouldn't like that, but as a slave for Huston to use as he so wishes

work is fine and i hope Big E's hires me. Katie just sent an e-mail asking me to stop on by b/c she heard i was afraid to visit. the quote "it makes the baby jesus cry" was used, so obviously i have to now.

I am more than ahead on Medieval Art and only a journal behind in Allegory, which will be turned into Myhill on Friday.

My one-act is so far on the right track even though it was a day late. Jeff is being really cool about my request and i can't wait to fix my dates so i can get the info from Mr. Samuel French. Hopefully it will all work out.

i did my sculpture work on time
i talked to Jessie
i saw Stephan

all i need is some more sleep and i'll be good.

i think i'll go and get some coffee now...granted i don't have time for the Four at this moment, but i am sure i will

O! and who will be Storytelling a LARP event in Tampa as the best sluagh ever??!?!?!?! ME! hahaah...i designed the character after Evan Mayes (sp?)

o...and i am no longer buying fags...i know i know i know...i'll still suck one every now and then, but for now i can't (hahaha. why do i hurt you guys so much, i will never know). but who needs cloves? well...i'll deal with that later

one last note....should i transfer to UCF next year?

Sammyboi the Still-Unsure
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