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why don't i hear about these things.....

Francis? Motherfuckingasswhorebitch

didn't we do this like three weeks ago?

when it hits, i am staying here...and if i die, i am going to die drunk and happy

see, i told you should have just tied me up and thrown me in the ocean for Charley. and now you have all this to deal with....

"In some freak weather event, Francis turned across the state of Florida and hit the Sarasota/Bradonton area. What is even more odd is that Francis gained power while crossing the state, which to this point has never happened. There was only one death in the area despite the damage. Samuel Thomas Gerace III was said to have run outside of his house in a fit of hysteria as the eye passed over his home. Despite locals claims of hearing the voice of Satan calling Mr. Gerace with some photographs of Furies mangling his body....and the rise of a new world leader in England who calls himself Mas, this reporter sees that hurricanes can not only leave physical destruction in their wake."

Sammyboi the Freak

ps I am directing a One-Act!!!!!
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