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wanting to please everyone....

I just talked to Katie...or rather Katie justed talked to me...i have justed quit the 4 winds mins ago.

o rather, Katie called me....

i feel like an ass...a complete and total ass

i want to make everyone happy but i can't...nor should i feel bad about this...granted we had plans...but plans change....sigh...

i don't know if i'll be able to talk to her about this or not.
but 5.15/hour next to 7.50 and even a possible 8.50?!?!

i should have told her sooner.
i think that i why i feel like an ass....

and I still need to talk to Jeani about leaving....maybe....if Eric will hire me....

and then there is Jessie....

somehow this is not going to be a good day, is it?

i should buy my damn futon

Sammyboi the Big-Spender
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