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talking about things is fun....

today was my day off....didn't do jack shit, save for read and play Morrowind. Mainly this was b/c of the depression Jessyka sent me spiraling back into after my happy thought was not necessarily destroyed, but certainly was not cool on any level...

i am very sensitive right now and wasn't fun

but in any case, after a day of thinking about evil plots i could do to destroy her, i eventually took the more sunny path and talked to her about it...

i just brought her into the kitchen and told her how i felt...

i am not used to this know...i mean, that's almost assertive...damn near direct....

so go me for not being passive aggressive about this....granted i could (and was for a bit)

being a child of raven is fun...i mean, we don't always peck out the eyes of those who hurt us...
and please...don't assume anything about this...sigh...if you wish to know the metaphyices of this...i'll explain

and more importantly i talked to Dave about Norse mythology, interesting books reworking them, and (more importantly) Angels in America...yeah yeah...tonight sleep will be good

and we blessed the house...yea house blessings

Sammyboi the Whole-Again
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